Toyota Hiace emergency ambulance is a product that offers our customers the highest standards as an emergency ambulance medical device and medical equipment. Medical equipment included in the drink our customers can also request different brand models or request additional other medical devices or medical equipment if they wish.

The design of our Toyota Hiace emergency ambulance is designed in such a way that ambulance officers are most comfortable. On the left side are the storage areas, while on the right side is the bench, which can again be used as an internal storage area. There is a doctor’s chair at the head of the main stretcher. All seats and benches have seat belts. The covers of the storage areas on the left side are manufactured with a lock system so that materials can remain stable on the move. The base of the Toyota Hiace Emergency Aid Ambulance is coated with epoxy, a material that is anti-bacterial, anti-slip and easy to clean. The electrical system of the Toyota Haice Emergency Ambulance is manufactured with a system suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting, as well as allowing the use of all medical devices inside.

Our medical devices included in the Toyota Hiace Emergency Aid Ambulance include : AED Defibrillator, portable vacuum aspirator, diagnostic set, portable sphygmomanometer, wall type sphygmomanometer and stethoscope.

Our stretcher group medical equipment included in Toyota Hiace emergency aid ambulance are : main stretcher, chair stretcher, dustpan stretcher and spine board.

In addition, other medical equipment in Toyota Hiace Emergency Aid Ambulance include: inflatable splint Kit, Cat vest, birth kit, burn kit, body bag, first aid bag. 2×10 liter oxygen cylinder and oxygen system are also standard.