Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Toyota Hiace Ambulance


Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Toyota Hiace Ambulance has the proper equipment in order to intervene in emergency situations and carry patients. There is left, right, and ceiling covering in the Hiace ambulance cabinet part. Cabinet internal equipment is designed as being proper to En1789 norms.  Hiace ambulance can be manufactured as not only diesel but also gasoline. There is hot and cold air-conditioning in the ambulance in order to use it in hot and damp regions. Hiace ambulance covering consists of one piece of abs material.

-Toyota Hiace Ambulance Electrical System

There is an inverter device in order to procure 220v electricity. The whole electrical system used in the ambulance is agreeable with ISO 67221 standards. The installation used in the ambulance has different shapes and colors with the vehicle’s own installation. The cable connectors and the sockets used in the ambulance are manufactured as compatible with EN ISO 8092-1, EN ISO 8092-3, EN ISO 8092-4 norms. There is a 180 ah additional replacement battery that provides electricity to medical devices in the ambulance. Also, there is a rectifier device, located under the passenger seat in the driver’s compartment, that can be charged with the ambulance’s replacement battery. In order to support the vehicle’s replacement battery, the ambulance’s batteries can be charged with 220v input socket, based out of the ambulance, in case the vehicle’s engine is not in motion. This type of use allows the utilization of medical devices in the vehicle even the ambulance is not in motion.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Electric Panel

The whole installation in the ambulance is connected to an insurance box which is located in the patient’s cabinet. There is a system in this box in order to take precautions against leakage current and control the current circuit. Also, there is a master key that enables to open and close the entire electrical system safely in Toyota Hiace ambulance. This key is located on the left side of the steering wheel in the driver’s compartment. It closes itself without no need any intervention coming from outside in 30 minutes when the ambulance is stopped.  There is a touch panel system which enables to control the entire electric system, such as lamps, air-conditioning, and the heater, of the ambulance in the cabinet. Also, there is a cooling fan that moves in automatically in order to prevent overheating.

-Ambulance Cupboard System

The whole cupboard system is manufactured from 3mm thick foamboard material whose external surface is covered with PVC covering. The patient compartment’s external surfaces can be formed as orange or white. Foamboard material used for covering the ambulance’s cupboard has 17mm thickness. The cabinet shelves are produced using foamboard material which has 10mm thickness. Toyota Hiace ambulance cupboards and their coverings are fireproof and compatible with 95/28/EC norms. There is a long cupboard with shelves that installed with a defibrillator, ventilator, vacuum aspirator used in the ambulance in the left side of the patient cabinet. Each device has its own independent electric socket. Also, there is an explicit oxygen outlet socket for the ventilator device.

-Ambulance Front Cabinet System

There is a cabinet system in order to facilitate placing the medical bag, using in the vehicle, first aid kits, and the medicines in front of the patient cabinet partition. This system is located totally counter in case looking the vehicle from the rear of the ambulance.  These cabinets are manufactured as one piece. Their height is 140 cm, depth is 40 cm, and the width is 25 cm. These measures can be changed if the user requests. The entire cabinets in the ambulance have a special rail system. It is used a safe lock system in the ambulance while the vehicle is in motion.

-Toyota Hiace Ambulance Drawers

The drawers have a special lock system. They are not opened while the ambulance is in motion. in fact, they have a special security system in order to prevent drawers to make noise and vibration. There is a workbench with plastic alloy on the cupboards in order to enable the attendant to prepare easily the materials such as injection, medicine, and serum. This workbench is openable and closeable, manufactured as one piece, antibacterial, and can be cleaned easily.

-Toyota Hiace Ambulance Cabin Lighting

There are two lamps, having a stimulant system and warning voices, with a led system on the ceiling. It is used with a hand control located in the driver’s compartment. There is a rear projector system in the headlamp as buried on the backside of the vehicle. The ambulance rear led lamp works automatically via a switch when the back door is opened.  There are four armature lamps with led and two spot lamps. Spot lamps can be used in case of insufficiency of armature lamps. These lamps are located in the vehicles’ internal ceiling and can be controlled simply with the ambulance’s digital control panel.

-The Lighting Of The Ambulances’ Rear Area

There is a rear led lighting system on the condition that there is inadequate light in order to supply the patient’s input to the Toyota Hiace ambulance. This system starts to work in case the back door stays open for more than 10 seconds.

-Ambulance Digital Electric Panel

Energy moves to 12v sockets providing the ambulances’ master key are opened. On the other hand, the energy goes to 220v sockets supposing both the master key and ambulance inverter are opened. These sockets are designed to enable the use of medical devices easily in the ambulance. It allows us to average 200w medical devices to work.

-Heating Of The Patient Cabin

There is a heater that works with diesel or aqueous system located under the medical device cabinet. Heater with diesel fuel works independently from the vehicle’s engine. There is no need to work the ambulance’s engine in order to heat the patient cabin. The heater has its own thermostat and it moves in automatically when the warmth decreases.

-External Lighting

There are six lateral lamps that spread the blue color based out of the ambulance. Lateral lamps work in sync with the headlamps and controlled with a hand control located in the drivers’ compartment.

-Ambulance Inverter System

Toyota Hiace ambulance turns 12 direct current’s 220v, taken from the vehicle’s battery, to alternative energy. Later, it sends that energy to 4 sockets which are situated in the ambulance cabin.

-Ambulance Rectifier System

It enables external to turn 220v energy to 12 v cd in order to charge the battery fully in case the ambulance battery weakens and the ambulance cannot be worked for a long while

Ambulance Vehıcle Technıcal Detaıls

Brand Name:Toyota HiacePlace of Origin:JAPAN
Transmission Type:ManuelColor:White
Condition:2019/18Engine Type:Diesel
Emission Standard:EURO 5Certificate:ISO 9001:2000 / EN 13485 – EN 1865
Length (m):6 meterType:Left Hand Drive
Seating:1 + 1Tyre size :235 /65 R 16

Emergency Ambulance Technıcal Equıpment Lıst

Front beacon lamp with LEDTurkeyECR-651
Back beacon lamp with  LED + projectorTurkeyECR-651
Siren Announce Device   (5 stage)TurkeyECR-651
Side warning lights with LED 12 voltTurkeyECR-656
Patient’s Cabin Lighting (LED)TurkeyCE2
Patient’s Cabin Lighting (Spot LED)HollandCE2
Air ConditionTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Electrical SystemTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Digital Control PanelTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
RectifierTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Rectifier CableTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
SocketTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Inverter 1000WTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Outlet 220VTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Fuse Circuit BreakerTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Led LightingTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Stretcher SpotlightTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Electronic Siren and Light BarTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Back Top LightbarTurkeyCE / ISO 90011
Side Warnings LampsTurkeyCE / ISO 90011

Emergency Ambulance Medıcal Equıpment Lıst

Ambulance Main StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Chair StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Scoop StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Spine board StretcherTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Air Split SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Cervical CollerGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Birth SetGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Burn SetGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Portable Suction SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Defibrillator AEDGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Transportation VentilatorGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Reanimation SetGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Fixed SpyhgGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Portable SpyhgGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance StethoscopeGermanCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Corpse BagTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Basic Medical Equipment BagGerman/TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen and Vacuum SystemsTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen Cylinder 10Ltx2TurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen OutletTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011
Ambulance Oxygen Regulator & FlowmeterTurkeyCE / EN 1865 / EN 1789 / ISO 90011

PACKING & DELIVERY (Ro-Ro/ by road or Container)

Quantity(Units)1 – 11 – 101 – 100
Est. Time(days)6090270
Approximately Delivery Time
Middle East Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 1-4 Weeks)
North Africa Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 2-4 Weeks)
Sub-Saharan African Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 3-8 Weeks)
East European Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 1-2 Weeks)
West European Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 2-3 Weeks)
Latin Countries Approximately Delivery Time: ( 6-10 Weeks)
Asian Countries Approximately Delivery Time:( 6-12 Weeks)
Approximately Transportation Cost:
Middle East Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3000-5000 Usd)
North Africa Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3500-5000 Usd)
Sub-Saharan African Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3000-5000 Usd)
East European Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 3000-4000 Usd)
West European Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 2000-4000 Usd)
Latin Countries Approximately Transportation Cost: ( 4000-6000 Usd)
Asian Countries Approximately Transportation Cost:( 4000-6000 Usd)