TOYOTA HIACE AMBULANCE is a gasoline engine and is a 2021 model.

Hiace ambulance is high roof, no subsequent addition, complete fabrication. Ambulance has a special type of air conditioning cooling system that can do enough cooling in hot climates. The climate control system can be easily provided in the control system in the driver’s compartment and passenger section of the car. In addition to air conditioning, a special water type heater system can be installed in the ambulance if desired.

Hiace ambulance production time is 1-2 weeks on average. In the Ambulance there is a complete cabinet system made of Foamboard material. There are medical devices and medical equipment in the cabinets, and if desired, there is an electric motor sink in the ambulance. Hiace ambulance is specially designed for Africa. There are 5 different stretchers in the ambulance. There is a stretcher support platform specially made of stainless material for easy placement of the main stretcher in the ambulance. This platform can also move from right to left side. It can also be supported by a hydraulic system that can take off vertically if desired.

Toyota Hiace ICU has all the medical equipment necessary for intensive care in the ambulance. ICU AMBULANCE equipment, patient monitor, defibrillator, ventilation device, ambulance syringe pump, ambulance emergency stretchers and cardiac monitor devices are included. There is a 2000w inventor device in the ambulance to operate the 220v requirement in the devices. In addition, there is a rectifier device required to charge the battery from the outside, these devices are located in the ambulance patient cabin board.