Hyundai EMERGENCY AMBULANCE type ambulance is a diesel engine, in which the necessary equipment is available to respond to the patient with emergency assistance. 5mm Abs fireproof, antibacterial material inside the patient’s cabin is covered with the inner surfaces of the vehicle. Glass fiber wool coating material was used under Abs coatings, reinforcing metal support equipment was used to facilitate the installation of medical devices and cabinets in the vehicle after isolation.

Hyundai EMERGENCY AMBULANCE interior cabinets used 20mm Foam board material. The materials used in the vehicle are antibacterial and have flammability property. In the ambulance, the back door is located on the left side of the oxygen system. There are two oxygen tubes in the ambulance oxygen system. Pressure lowering regulators are located above the oxygen tubes. There are lock systems on the ambulance tube cabinet cover preventing the vehicle from falling in motion.

In Hyundai ambulance, there are Ambulance cabinets made of foam board material behind the decks. Ambulance cabinets are manufactured in accordance with EU en1789 standards. Ambulance outer covers are covered with ABS, the material used can be designed in the desired color, including two mm.

There are two seats in the Hyundai ambulance patient cabin, the seats used are in accordance with en1789 norms and models that comply with the 10G Crash test certificate.

There are 4 long led type lighting systems in the ambulance patient cabin. In addition, there are two led spotlights that can come on top of the head while the patient is lying on a stretcher.

In the ambulance, there is an air conditioner that will ensure that the patient’s cabin is sufficiently cooled. Air conditioning receives the necessary power from the vehicle engine. In addition, there is an external air conditioner that allows cooling of the Hyundai ambulance driver compartment.

There is one AED defibrillator inside the Ambulance. Defibrillator ambulance is connected to the left side wall with one mounting device.

Hyundai EMERGENCY AMBULANCE has an ambulance platform made of stainless material that can move from right to left side in the patient’s cabin. Ambulance emergency stretcher is available on the Platform according to en 13485 norms. The stretcher is made of aluminium material. Average patient carrying capacity is 240 kg. The Ambulance stretcher has its own weight of 35 kg and can easily carry a single paramedic.